Disclosing any issues about the house that you’re selling is legally required in many parts of the US. The issues that need to be disclosed differ between states, but failure to inform the buyer of those issues could result in a lawsuit. As such, knowing what problems are relevant, what problems are present, and what to do about those problems are important parts of the home-selling experience.

To make sure that there aren’t any issues with the house, you may want to consider looking into pre-inspection. While inspectors will usually come in later in the buying process, discovering what issues your house has beforehand can be useful. It lets you set a more appropriate price point. Any agent will tell you how important the initial price is in attracting buyers. Buyers will be much more content with the price advertised if all the cards are already on the table, leaving less room for negotiation. As an added bonus, it makes you look much more trustworthy to the buyer, which can definitely have an impact on selling appeal.

Following disclosure are common  when selling a house:

  • Natural Hazard and Environmental Disclosure