Summer Maintenance

The nightmare during summer is the A/C in your house not working.  Furthermore,  you can’t say no to the costly repairs just for a good night sleep.  How to avoid circumstances like this?

A prevention is better than cure. Work on it before summer!  First, shut the power off, then clear away debris from inside and around the unit, spray and straighten the fins, clean the evaporator coil, replace the filter, clean the condensate drain line, and finally turn the power back on.

man near lightning
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Maintaining your home’s electrical system can prevent safety hazards and save energy in the summer.

Check wires for high heat and replace them if they show signs of damage.  Examine outlets for overloads also block off the ones not been used! Keeping wires away from water and fire source is common sense.

If you’re not sure what causes a problem, it’s better to hire a licensed electrician to make sure your home is protected from electrical hazards and fires.